October 6, 1964 in the sky: A first in the awarding of the all-weather flight certificate

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History of aviation – October 6, 1964. An all-weather flight certificate was awarded on Tuesday, October 6, 1964 to a helicopter responsible for carrying out transport missions, which constitutes a first for this type of aircraft. Given the unprecedented nature of the thing, the press will echo this “historic” event. It is the regulatory and control body for civil aviation in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which will issue this document.

It is an amphibious civil helicopter, equipped with two floats, which will receive this certificate, namely the Sikorsky S-61 N which cannot accommodate on board no less than thirty passengers, with luggage, because there is a dedicated compartment for bags and other suitcases, in addition to a storeroom and toilets for the comfort of travelers.

Belonging to the S-61 or SH-3 Sea King family of military aircraft, the Sikorsky S-61 N having common bases with them (its fuselage is, however, larger, at 18.08 meters), its engine is powered by two turboshaft engines.

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