October 3, 1931 in the sky: Lauro de Bosis makes propaganda

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History of aviation – October 3, 1931. The city of Rome will see the aircraft of the aviator, but also poet, Lauro de Bosis evolve in its sky on this Saturday, October 3, 1931. If the pilot decided to take the controls of his Klemm Pegasus D-1783 on this day, it is for propaganda purposes. An act of great courage to stand up to the fascist ideas conveyed by Benito Mussolini. This is how the Italian refugee will take off from France to carry out this mission.

Leaving from Marignane, he will reach the city of Rome by air on the evening of October 3, 1931, there he will let leaflets escape from his aircraft. On these, a message against fascism is written. Around 8 p.m., a rain of leaflets, numbering around 400,000, will fall on the streets of the Italian capital. Military planes will then pursue Lauro de Bosis, who quickly heads towards northern Italy to escape.

His cavalier enterprise, which he was able to carry out thanks to the editor-in-chief of the Brussels newspaper Le Soir, Auguste d’Arsac, who provided financing, greatly displeased the regime. Will the call to the king to put an end to fascism and dictatorship made by Lauro de Bosis via these leaflets have been heard?

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