October 29, 1926 in the sky: Costes and Rignot cover a record distance without stopovers

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History of aviation – October 29, 1926. The aviators Challe and Weiser were, on this Friday, October 29, 1926, unfortunately dethroned: in fact, the two men lost their title of straight line distance record holders at the controls of an airplane, on a world scale. The record ending today in the hands of their counterparts: Dieudonné Costes and Captain Rignot.

The latter improved the record by more than 200 kilometers: from October 28 to October 29, 1926, they flew from the Paris region to Persia, going more precisely from Le Bourget to Djask with their Breguet 19 A2 with Hispano-Suiza engine , capable of developing 500 horsepower. This route covered in 32 hours represents no less than 5,396 kilometers.

As a reminder, Challe and Weiser had been the authors of a flight of 5,174 kilometers, traveling from Bourget to Bender Abbas. They then took 27 hours and 15 minutes to carry out this air raid.

This record is a great victory for Dieudonné Costes who had already tried to beat it in September 1926 with René de Vitrolles, but flying from Paris to Aswan (Egypt), i.e. 4,100 kilometers, their performance was not remarkable enough to unhook it. It must be said that they had experienced some problems with their device, due to a malfunction in the water pump.

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