October 28, 1952 in the sky: The supersonic flight of the first French aircraft, the Mystère II

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History of aviation – October 28, 1952. On this Tuesday, October 28, 1952, a great first will take place in the French skies: for the very first time, a tricolor aircraft will perform a supersonic flight. A performance which the press will of course echo and which the aeronautical company Marcel Dassault is at the origin of.

It is in fact one of its aircraft which will sign this flight today, namely prototype 03 of the Mystère II. It is above Melun-Villaroche that the flight will take place: Major Marion Davis, an American national, member of the United States Air Force, makes the plane pass the sound barrier. Flying at more than Mach 1, the “bang” signaling a flight at a very high speed is then heard.

This historic flight completed, when will this time be the first French supersonic pilot? Because there, the controls of the plane had been entrusted to an American… Well, it will be December 12, 1952: the French commander Roger Carpentier of the Flight Test Center breaking the sound barrier, before his female counterpart, Jacqueline Auriol from the center of Brétigny, had a similar experience on August 15, 1953, becoming the first French and European supersonic, the American Jacqueline Cochran having grilled her on a global scale.

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