October 26, 1912 in the sky: Opening of the Air Show

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History of aviation – October 26, 1912. The “high mass” of aerial locomotion took place at the end of October 1912: in fact, this Saturday, October 26, 1912, was given “the kickoff” of a major meeting for the world of aviation, namely the Air Show, which was held in Paris until November 10, 1912, more precisely at the Grand Palais. This fourth edition of the event will highlight military aviation.

It is from 10 a.m. on October 26, 1912, that the curious will be able to begin their visit to this show by strolling through the aisles. The latter having been inaugurated in the presence of numerous political figures such as Mr. Fallières, Mr. Millerand and Mr. Delcassé, respectively President of the French Republic, Minister of War and Minister of the Navy.

On display as part of this show, announced in the streets of Paris via a poster campaign (i.e. signs depicting an officer approaching the Grand Palais in an airplane by the painter Geo Dorival): sphericals, but also hydroplanes, a squadron and numerous military aircraft which were purchased thanks to national subscriptions, numbering four million.

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