October 21, 1929 in the sky: Flight with passengers of Do

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History of aviation – October 21, 1929. On this Monday, October 21, 1929, a new test of the air juggernaut, the Do This seaplane has no less than three floors, one to accommodate passengers, another for the crew and the last for luggage and where the tanks are also located, thus entering a new phase of testing, after having flown for the first time in July 1929.

This time, the aircraft will carry out a flight with passengers on board, which was manufactured with the aim of ensuring transatlantic connections. 169 people will take part in this flight over Lake Constance, lasting approximately one hour: 10 crew members, 150 official travelers and 9 illegal immigrants.

The fairly colossal monoplane, with a wingspan of 48 meters, the largest ever built in the world, equipped with six 16,000 liter fuel tanks and 12 engines for a power of 525 horsepower, has many detractors and this flight is intended to silence them…

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