October 19, 1783 in the sky: Human flight in tethered balloon

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History of aviation – October 19, 1783. A month earlier, animals took place aboard a tethered balloon to make a flight. This Sunday, October 19, 1783, the experience is pushed a little further, because this time, it is humans who will attempt this adventure, aboard a balloon developed by the Montgolfier brothers: a stove burning continuously from the straw providing the hot air needed to inflate the device.

The three intrepid people who will carry out this flight today are none other than Jean-Baptiste Réveillon, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and Giroud de Villette, aeronauts who will thus take the place of the sheep, the duck and the rooster who already signed this ascent, in the presence of King Louis XVI and the Queen, in the courtyard of the Palace of Versailles.

It is at the Folie Titon, at the royal wallpaper factory in Paris, that this human theft will be carried out, more precisely these human flights, because there will be three during the day. Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozie achieving the first two by climbing to 65 meters and 81 meters in height. Jean-Baptiste Réveillon and Giroud de Villette will close the ball, with a final flight. A rope connecting the ball to the ground during these three flights. There is no risk of the wind blowing it away.

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