October 16, 1908 in the sky: An exploit that ends badly

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History of aviation – October 16, 1908. A great first took place in Great Britain on this Friday, October 16, 1908, the date on which an aviator will perform a flight with an aircraft having an engine heavier than air, a completely unprecedented flight in the sky of the country. An exceptional performance for the time to be credited to Samuel Cowdery, an American pilot better known under the name of Samuel Cody.

During this aerial exit, he will fly over a distance of 424 meters, unfortunately, his flight will end in disaster: in fact, Samuel Cody, who worked more than a year to build his device, will crash at his feet. orders. A big disappointment for the aviator, but also for the British army which until then had provided funding for his experiments. Given the outcome of her theft, she will simply put an end to their collaboration…

The airplane made of wood, metal and fabric, motorized with an Antoinette block displaying 50 horsepower, will bear the brunt of the wind, it will be destabilized by a gust and finally crash.

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