October 15, 1927 in the sky: Costes and Le Brix take control of the Atlantic Ocean

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History of aviation – October 15, 1927. In May 1927, the American pilot Charles Lindbergh distinguished himself in the sky by becoming the first aviator to have successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean by air, thus flying from the city of New York to Paris. A magnificent performance that others want to display on their list of achievements, like Dieudonné Costes and Joseph-Marie Le Brix, two French people who also managed to tame this ocean, this Saturday, October 15, 1927. But concerning them, they will cross via the southern path.

It was from Saint-Louis-du-Sénégal that they began their air raid above the waves, on October 14, 1927. At the end of 20 hours and 17 minutes of flight, the two men reached Brazil, thus posing on October 15, 1927 in Natal. A journey of no less than 3,300 kilometers signed with a Bréguet 19 GR device called “Nungesser et Coli”.

As a reminder, Charles Nungesser and François Coli are two aviators who perished in May 1927, even though they were also trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean by the North route, installed at the controls of their aircraft known as ” White bird.”

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