October 13, 1919 in the sky: A convention to provide a framework for aviation

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History of aviation – October 13, 1919. Since the end of the First World War, commercial aviation has experienced great growth, such development that it is now more than necessary to bring some order to the sky. And it is at the global level that the approach must take place, with more and more aircraft flying to transport people: army planes having been demilitarized and now part of the civilian domain.

Thus, so that anarchy does not completely take over the sky, some rules must be established to apply at the global level, a reflection is therefore carried out in this direction on October 13, 1919 with a convention on the regulation of navigation air force, which should be in force from 1922. The beginnings, so to speak, of air law.

The text of this October 13 convention indicates in particular that registering airplanes will become obligatory. The registration thus indicates the place where the device was registered, using one or two capital letters. A hyphen is added subsequently, followed by four capital letters including a vowel.

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