October 11, 1924 in the sky: Alfred Leblanc Prize: it’s the big departure

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History of aviation – October 11, 1924. A major aeronautical competition brings together in this month of October 1924 aerostats of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd category, the latter known as the Alfred Leblanc Prize will see them compete in an event whose start is given this Saturday, October 11, 1924 afternoon. It is from the Coteaux de Saint-Cloud balloon park that the competitors will take off.

Their mission: to achieve the longest distance while flying in the sky, without making the slightest stopover. A single air raid that only eight balloons will attempt out of the ten initially planned for the starting line. This competition, born under the leadership of the Aero-Club de France, promises no less than 2000 euros to the person who finishes on the first step of the podium. The 2e3e and 4e will also receive a sum of money.

In competition with the aeronauts Auger (“Marie-Jeanne” balloon of 1,200 m2), Thomas (“L’Espoir” balloon of 1,200 m2), Demuyter (“Belgica Sabca I” balloon of 1,200 m2), Fleury (balloon “Longue Epée” of 900 m2), Dollfus (“Dolca” ball of 900 m2), Marquant (“Pierre Vandenbosch” ball of 900 m2) and Ravaine (“Tanit” ball of 900 m2), Cormier won, signing the best performance with his “Anjou” balloon, measuring 600 m2, having managed to fly to Wybelsum in Germany.

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