October 1, 1926 in the sky: Cobham returns to London

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History of aviation – October 1, 1926. Many people traveled to the banks of the Thames in London to welcome, on this 1er October 1926, the aviator Sir Alan Cobham, the latter having returned to Great Britain after more than three months of absence. The latter having carried out a raid by air which took him to Australia, namely a study trip concerning the establishment of a new commercial air link.

It was from Kent, more precisely from Rochester, that he took off on June 30, 1926 to carry out this raid, a journey carried out at the controls of a seaplane from the de Havilland firm. Also in his DH 50 was Arthur Elliott, a mechanic who did not return alive from this adventure. Indeed, he died after being hit by a Bedouin shot, while they were flying above the Euphrates.

After traveling 23,100 kilometers, Sir Alan Cobham arrived in Melbourne on August 15, 1926. Fourteen days later, on August 29, 1926, he returned to Europe, taking off with Engineer Sergeant Wards at 9 a.m. 30.

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