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For Emmanuel Jaulin the color of passion is not red but white. A passion for the great Nordic spaces dating from his youth and which led him to create O-Nord in June 2022, after an experience of 8 years at Scanditours then 18 years at Nortours.

Emmanuel Jaulin CEO and founder of O-Nord

He may well be a native of the island of Oléron, it is the North that has always lived there; Inexplicably. Tirelessly.

So after so many years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the countries concerned and all-round contacts in the profession, he decided to launch out to make the North people known in a subtle, private way, with a zest of rarity. On the program: Alaska, Antarctica, Arctic, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Lapland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Quebec, Spitsbergen, Sweden

Last July he reconnected with the most loyal travel agents with whom he previously worked. Those also with a strong customer potential for the Nordic countries.

More and more snowmobiles in electric version (photo ED)

The first customers came in December to explore Finnish Lapland, which is often the country of entry for those who want to start discovering these regions. But Emmanuel Jaulin wants to make Swedish and Norwegian Lapland and their different landscapes better known.
The goal at O-Nord is above all the tailor-made private trip, individually or in small family groups, for example.

When asked what the added value of his production is, Emmanuel Jaulin clearly shows a desire to offer the Nordic countries in all their magic in a high-end formula “with a strong desire for the right price”. No more no less. So the accommodation will be very comfortable, small in size, in areas away from the major tourist spots and where sustainable tourism will be privileged. In summer, the proposals will be more itinerant, especially since travelers stay on average for a fortnight compared to a short week in the cold season. The rates ? they can, according to Emmanuel Jaulin, evolve globally between 2500 € per person up to 4 or 5000 €.

No fears about the various recent or ongoing crises? Apart from a new Covid-type sequence, no Emmanuel Jaulin says he is optimistic. The clientele he is targeting is one who clearly shows his great need to reconnect with travel, discovery and particularly with the great outdoors.


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