November 7, 1925 in the sky: Francesco De Pinedo returning from a long journey

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History of aviation – November 7, 1925. It was precisely 3 p.m. when this Saturday, November 7, 1925, the aviator Francesco De Pinedo returned to Italy, landing his aircraft near the Margherita bridge, on the Tiber, after having completed a magnificent journey during which he will have flew over three continents, namely Europe, Oceania but also Asia. A long raid by air which was covered in the daily press.

The Italian commander Francesco De Pinedo covered a very long distance during this aerial trek, i.e. 55,000 kilometers, passing in particular through the cities of Sesto-Calende (Italy), Sydney (Australia) but also Tokyo (Japan), 67 stages having been on the program. And after no less than 202 days of travel, he finally returned to Rome. On his arrival in the Italian capital, a welcoming committee was formed to greet the pilot, Mussolini being among those waiting to congratulate him.

Francesco De Pinedo made this journey with Ernesto Campanelli, his mechanic, at his side, piloting an S16 Savoia Marchetti, a seaplane with a 450 horsepower Lorraine-Dietrich engine, called “Gennariello”, which flew 370 hours!

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