November 5, 1911 in the sky: Calbraith Perry Rodgers crosses the United States

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History of aviation – November 5, 1911. At the end of almost fifty days of a long journey by air, the American pilot Calbraith Perry Rodgers lands his aircraft in the state of California, more precisely in Pasadena. The latter being the author of the very first transcontinental flight, having successfully crossed the United States.

Taking command of a Burgress-Wright EX, a biplane-type aircraft, he left New York City on September 17, 1911, taking off at 4:30 p.m. from Sheepshead Bay. Taking forty-nine days to reach Pasadena.

If the performance is remarkable, it does not live up to the hopes of Calbraith Perry Rodgers, because the aviator wanted through this raid to win the prize set up by William Randolph Hearst: the publisher promising $50,000 to the pilot author of crossing the United States in less than thirty days. Something that Calbraith Perry Rodgers unfortunately did not succeed in doing, due to several problems he encountered on his journey…

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