November 21, 1913 in the sky: The press witnesses a flight by Pierre Chanteloup

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History of aviation – November 21, 1913. The press was invited on this Friday, November 21, 1913 to an aeronautical event, namely an aerial exhibition provided by aviator Pierre Chanteloup. It is the Caudron brothers who are at the origin of this aerial event where Pierre Chanteloup will demonstrate his piloting talents with his biplane aircraft built in the Caudron workshops.

The aviator handles it, in fact, with great dexterity, performing airs, spins and other loops like a true acrobat. A few days earlier, on November 9, 1913, Pierre Chanteloup had already proven his talents as an aerobatics in the sky, but his performances had not had the response he could have hoped for. Almost an injustice that the Caudron brothers want to repair with this exhibition in the presence of the press.

This November 21, 1913 will officially mark the first loop performed with a Caudron biplane, Pierre Chanteloup being the author at 30 meters altitude. After this loop, he will make a dive, come back up and perform an S flight, to finish on another loop.

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