November 2, 1922 in the sky: A first passenger for Qantas

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History of aviation – November 2, 1922. On November 16, 1920, a new airline was born, namely the Australian company Qantas which, this Thursday, November 2, 1922, will transport its very first passenger. An event which will take place as part of the establishment of a connection for postal purposes between south and north Queensland, more precisely between Charleville and Cloncurry.

This very first passenger of the company is none other than Alexander Kennedy, a man then aged 85, benefactor of the company. Indeed, he participated in the launch of the company by providing financial support, choosing to invest money in return for being the first Qantas traveler. A wish granted today.

For this flight from Longreach to Cloncurry, via Winton-McKinlay, pilot Hudson Fysh will take controls of the aircraft with engineer Baird at his side. But there will be a small setback at the start: the Armstrong Whitworth powered by a 160 horsepower Beardmore supposed to carry out the flight will refuse to take off… the Armstrong Whitworth FK8 G-Aude then taking over.

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