November 15, 1936 in the sky: Japy flies to Asia

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History of aviation – November 15, 1936. After having already posted raids by air to the cities of Oslo, Oran, Tunis, Algiers and even Moscow, André Japy, an aviator of French nationality, undertook on this Sunday, November 15, 1936 a new journey which should take him to Asia, more precisely to Tokyo, Japan.

It was shortly before midnight that the pilot took off from the Paris region on November 15, 1936, taking off from Le Bourget aerodrome to head towards Asia, which he intended to reach via Central Europe. . First stop Strasbourg, then Damascus, Karachi, Allahabad, Hanoi and Hong Kong.

While he was 1,000 kilometers from his goal, he unfortunately crashed in the Seburi-Yama mountain, located on the island of Kiou-Siou, with his Caudron Simoun Renault aircraft, with a 6-cylinder engine capable of develop 220 horsepower. An accident during which André Japy suffered a head injury and fractured his left leg, but fortunately, this crash was not fatal to the aviator.

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