November 13, 1910 in the sky: Automobile Club de France Grand Prix: Legagneux tries his luck

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History of aviation – November 13, 1910. 36 hours, this is the maximum time allowed for a return flight between the French and Belgian capitals: Paris and Brussels as part of the Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de France. A prize that will reward the person who completes this raid as quickly as possible, with no less than 100,000 francs up for grabs. Note that on board competing aircraft, there must be 150 kilograms of load, the latter representing the weight of passengers.

December 31, 1910 will mark the end of the attempts to win the trophy, which arouses the desire of Georges Legagneux on November 13, 1910. The aviator is indeed taking off today to try to meet this challenge. At 6:43:39 a.m., he took off in the company of Robert Martinet, his passenger, leaving Issy-les-Moulineaux with his biplane, weighted with 5,500 kilograms to meet the load requirement.

On the Paris-Brussels section, the two men will stop twice for 20 minutes, first in Compiègne, then in Bavay. And after 3 hours 26 minutes 21 seconds of flight, they will arrive in Brussels. Because of the wind blowing violently, they will not return to France until the next day.

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