November 10, 1922 in the sky: Commercial aviation put to the test

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History of aviation – November 10, 1922. On this November 10, 1922, the Bourget aerodrome, located in the Paris region, will see a new aeronautical competition take place within its walls, with the support, among others, of the Under-Secretary of State for Aeronautics. and the Aero-Club de France: namely the Grand Prix of transport aircraft. Commercial aviation is in the spotlight in this event, the start of hostilities of which takes place on this day.

Among the competitors, we can cite in particular the drivers Thiéry, Favreau, Labouchère, Drouhin, Beicheler, Douchy and even Poiré. All having traveled for this great confrontation in which five aircraft took part: a Vickers-Vimy and the Farman 70 bis, Caudron C.74, Bréguet-Léviathan and Potez biplanes.

This air show includes a military and various tests to judge the abilities of the aviators in terms of safety (are they able to fly with one less engine…) and in take-off maneuvers (are they capable of taking to the air with a short distance for example) and landing (return to the ground at a specific location, etc.).

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