November 1, 1923 in the sky: Birth of Finnair under the name Aero O/Y

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History of aviation – November 1, 1923. On this 1er November 1923, aeronautical news was marked by the founding of a new airline in Europe: the Finnish company Aero O/Y was born, under the leadership of three men: Bruno Lucander, Gustaf Snellman and Fritiof Ahman . The company was born more precisely in the city of Helsinki.

During its existence, it changed its name several times, first in the 1950s, then in July 1968, but continued to provide air services until today under the name Finnair, a company which therefore celebrates this year its 100 years! Very good longevity…

But let’s go back to its origins. It was in the spring of 1924 that it operated its first flights, with only two aircraft in its fleet, namely Junkers F.13s. Its first flights will be to Estonia, departing from Helsinki, then to Tallinn and Stockholm in Sweden.

At this same time, the Dutch company KLM was also created in October 1919 and the Australian company Qantas in November 1920, which also still operate and with the same name!

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