Notice to the cabin crew: in Paris, bring gloves and a flashlight, damn it!

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Paris is still in the news because of critters found on public transport, in hotels and, according to the Reuters news agency, also at Charles de Gaulle airport. This now seems to worry the world’s largest cabin crew union, in other words, cabin crew or cabin crew.

The world’s largest cabin crew union apparently fears the problem is becoming global and is advising crews to take a closer look. L’Association of Flight Attendantswhich represents United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Frontier among others, therefore warns crews that they can bring bedbugs home after an overnight stay in the capital.

Precautions to take

According to this warning, flight attendants must take various precautions. Among other things, it would be useful to have latex gloves and a flashlight to examine the hotel bed when arriving in the room.

Staff are also advised not to use fabric luggage, but instead use hard-shell suitcases with smooth surfaces that make it difficult for bedbugs to move around. Luggage should be stored off the floor and close to beds and sofas, ideally on a luggage rack or glass table. When you return home, you should unpack your bags outside the house or in the garage and wash your clothes immediately.

At your peril…

Bedbug bites are unpleasant, but not dangerous, because these insects do not transmit diseases. However, if you bring bedbugs into your home, it will take a lot of effort to get rid of them. The problem in this unequal fight? Insecticides often don’t reach all the nooks and crannies where annoying animals nest…

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