North Korea: Air Koryo can resume Pyongyang-Beijing flights

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China confirmed today that it has given the green light to the resumption of air links with North Koreaafter a three-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic.

North Korea was the first country to seal its borders more than three years ago, when in neighboring China the first cases of Covid-19 were identified. Since January 2020, Pyongyang has kept its borders closed, with rare exceptions.

Despite the official green light from Beijing, a flight from the North Korean airline Air Koryooriginally expected this morning in Beijing at 09:50 (01:50 GMT), was unexpectedly announced as “canceledtwo hours after his supposed arrival time, found theAFP. Several media were watching for the arrival of this flight which would have been for North Korea its very first commercial link with foreign countries for more than three years. Beijing Capital Airport told theAFP that Air Koryo had given no explanation for this cancellation.

In addition to today’s flight between Pyongyang and Beijing, Air Koryo is scheduled to operate two flights in the coming days between the North Korean capital and Vladivostok, Russia, according to the North Korea website. NK News.

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