North Asia: Hundreds of flights canceled as Tyhon Khanun passes

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At least 330 flights were canceled today in South Korea after the typhon khanun made landfall overnight, bringing heavy rain and strong winds reaching 130km/h across the peninsula.

The storm, which hit Japan yesterday before taking a circuitous route to the Korean Peninsula, is hitting South Korea today, and is expected to move north, the Korea Meteorological Agency said. Seoul raised the alert to its highest level, with the typhoon expected to have “a direct impact on the whole country” of Wednesday to Friday. In addition to air links, rail and sea links are also suspended, and some 10,000 people evacuated from areas heavily affected by Typhoon Khanun.

Yesterday, in Japan, Japan Airlines has canceled 252 flights, affecting some 25,000 passengers. For its part, All Nippon Airways canceled 96 flights, affecting more than 10,000 people. And the two Japanese airlines have announced around 100 cancellations for today. Another typhoon, dubbed Lan, has meanwhile formed in the Pacific, with gusts reaching 108km/h. The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts it will move northwest towards the Japanese island of Honshu in the coming days.

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