Normacom: the sales representatives of the North and Normandy present their new products to you!

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The NORMACOM association, which brings together sales representatives dedicated to the North and Normandy regions of various companies in the world of tourism (tour operators, tourism insurance, airlines) was created in 2006. Its aim is to provide travel agents with maximum information on the different brands and products of its members in the most total user-friendliness according to the wishes of the 1er President Abou FALL (at the time Look Voyages). This mission is carried out through the organization of workshops, breakfasts and other types of meetings.

For the record, the 2nd President was Geoffrey DUVAL in 2010 and the 3rd President Bruno MOROSINI in 2017.

Throughout the years, this association has become essential thanks to the work of these 3 presidents and their dynamic teams. Today, agencies ask NORMACOM to redo shows and other events.

Thierry Maillet

Thierry Maillet is elected president

In September 2022, Bruno MOROSINI handed over his mandate. Following two general meetings held in December 2022 in Lille and Rouen, the new office below was appointed:

President: Thierry Maillet (Premium Travel)

North Vice-President: Delphine Sanchez (Austral Lagons)

Vice-President Normandy: Maude Kuchno (Le Ponant)

Secretary General: Céline David (Fram)

Treasurer: Bruno Morosini (Assurever)

Horizon 2023

Creation of a new website operational since February 2023

Members will have “member” access which will allow them to access the schedule of events, registration for workshops

Creation of a new logo (the one that appears at the top of this press release)

Organization of workshops in the North and in Normandy each year.

Two in spring and two in autumn, each member having to do at least one workshop per year. The workshop dates already confirmed are:

Lille on 03/09/23 at HALL U NEED in St André les Lille

Le Havre on 04/13/23 (place to be specified)

The Normatour: THE spring – summer 2023 novelty from NORMACOM

The idea is to organize afterworks / aperitifs from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in medium-sized cities with a more intimate format than that of the workshops.

Agencies are invited to spend an informal moment over a drink, in order to share information and news in a friendly atmosphere with the Normacom members present (6 to 7 Tour Operators / airlines per date)

List of towns a and dates of the Normatour:

Rouen: May 30, 2023 – Amiens: 1er June 2023 – Dunkirk: June 6, 2023 –

Valenciennes: June 8, 2023 – Caen: June 13, 2023.

Another novelty: whether for the workshops or the Normatour, a Tourist Office may be present exclusively at these Normacom events. An additional asset for fruitful exchanges with professionals from the region in a friendly setting.

The photo of the Normacom office is in the first …

From left to right: Maude KUCHNO Vice-President Normandy

Thierry Maillet President, Céline David Secretary General, Delphine Sanchez Vice-president North. Absent from the photo: Bruno Morosini Treasurer

CONTACT for agencies:

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