Niger closes its airspace to French planes

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THE military regime in power in Niger closed theairspace from the country to French planes or planes chartered by Franceaccording to a message to air crews published yesterday on the website of the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa (Asecna).

The airspace of Niger “is open to all national and international commercial flights, with the exception of French planes or planes chartered by France, including those in the Air France fleet“, specifies this text dated Saturday evening. Airspace remains closed for “all operational military flights and special flights“, except with special authorization from the authorities, continues the message on the Asecna website.

On September 4, Niger reopened its airspace for commercial flights, after nearly a month of closure decided by the military who came to power by force. Main airline connecting Europe and Africa, Air Francewhich has suspended its flights to Niger since August 7, no longer flies over Nigerien airspace.

After the coup d’état of July 26, the putschists broke the military cooperation agreements which until now linked France to Niger. They ask France to withdraw militarily and diplomatically. Some 1,500 French soldiers are there.

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