News item: robbery of a Mongolian official of the Olympic Games traveling by VTC from Paris-CDG

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On the morning of October 11, head of the Mongolian Olympic delegation and his wifewho came to France to attend a Olympic preparation security committeereached their Parisian hotel by VTC (transport car with driver) from theRoissy Paris-CDG airport when they were robbed in the Landy tunnel in Saint-Denis, at the foot of the Stade de France, reports AFP, citing the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

A scooter with two individuals on board approached the car. One of the robbers broke a window and grabbed a bag containing valuable jewelry from the back seat. The damage declared by the Mongolian couple would amount to 570,000 euros, including two gold and diamond earrings with a unit value of 165,000 euros.

Last week, three men were arrested, aged 22 to 25, at their home in Saint-Denis. “ It’s a team that spots (fortunate victims) in Roissy and passes the message to a scooter following the car. It intervenes at the most opportune moment, when the car is slowed down on a traffic lane “, the Bobigny prosecutor’s office told AFP. The same team allegedly robbed two Saudi travelers using the same procedure on October 2, for an estimated loss of 50,000 euros.

THE attacks on tourists perceived as rich, in this case Chinese and Middle Easterners from the Gulf, remain frequent on the A1 motorway linking the Parisian airports Le Bourget and Roissy Paris-CDG to Paris intramural. The procedure is always the same: while the cars are slowing down, individuals on foot or on scooters stand next to the taxi, break one of the side windows before grabbing objects within reach in the passenger compartment .

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