News item: a suitcase thief at Paris-CDG sentenced to ten months in prison

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A suitcase thief at Paris-CDG was sentenced last Tuesday by the Bobigny Criminal Court (Seine-Saint-Denis) to a sentence of ten months in prison with a warrant of deposit, reports The Parisian.

He appeared for having, on June 25, stolen the luggage of two tourists at the Paris airport, taking advantage of a moment of inattention of the latter. While a Russian tourist inquired at the counter, the criminal stole her Louis Vuitton suitcase which contained a Rolex watch, a Chanel bag and other luxury items worth 60,000 euros. Another victim had his backpack containing a laptop computer stolen.

Using CCTV footage from the airport, police officers identify the thief. They follow his escape thanks to the cameras of the RER then those of the city of Saint-Denis, where he enters a squat on the avenue Paul-Vaillant-Couturier. Homeless and “unfavorably known” from the police for domestic violence and theft in a meeting, the man named Hamza was arrested on July 3.

In the squat that the thief shares with four other homeless people, the police get their hands on an Alibaba cave. They find two stolen US passports, shoes, designer clothes, watches and jewelry. As for the Louis Vuitton bag and the backpack of the two tourists, Hamza admits having sold them for 700 euros.

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