News item: a passenger abandons her dog before boarding

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Transient abandoned his dog departing fromPittsburgh International Airport (Pennsylvania), not having a pet in a cage as required by regulation.

The dog, a French bulldog, wasfound unattended in a strollerin the terminal on August 4, local police said in a post on their Twitter account (now renamed X). Airline staff explained to the passenger that her dog had to travel in a crate. She tried to get a boarding pass for her dog as an emotional support animal, but was unsuccessful. She would then have abandoned him in a parking lot before flying away on vacation to a seaside resort.

Thanks to a microchip implanted in the animal, the police were able to identify who the owner was, but were unable to contact the latter, who should be prosecuted for “animal abandonment“. For its part, the French bulldog was taken in by Animal Friends, an association helping abandoned animals, which indicated in a press release that it will provide the animal with the necessary treatments.until this matter is resolved“.

Last August, another dog suffered the same fate at San Francisco International Airport. A passenger coming from China and stopping over with United Airlines on the west coast before reaching New York left his six-month-old German shepherd at customs, having to be able to provide his vaccination card. He quietly continued his trip to New York, without his pet, which was then quarantined at the airport’s disease control center.

Fortunately, the story ended well as in a fairy tale: United Airlines made an internal announcement to its employees to find a new owner for the German Shepherd. Among 35 applications, a young pilot living with his family in a house with a garden in San Francisco was selected to adopt the animal.

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