News item: 10 months suspended prison sentence for sexually assaulting a hostess

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A British passenger accused of having sexually assaulted a flight attendantwas sentenced yesterday to 10 months suspended prison sentence speak Nantes criminal court.

On November 12, 2022, Paul J., 66 years old and retired from his state, passed his hand under the skirt of Léonie G., 26 years old, on board a low-cost flight from Leeds (United Kingdom) to Alicante (Spain). The captain then made the decision to divert his plane to Nantes, in France, to disembark the man. He “was heavily intoxicated at the time of his handover to the border police», with 2.2 g of alcohol per liter of blood, recalled the public prosecutor of Nantes, yesterday at the trial.

A complaint was immediately filed at the time by the flight attendant and the accused admitted the facts. Yesterday, both parties traveled to Nantes from the United Kingdom to attend the trial: if the victim did not wish to speak, her attacker reiterated:I do not remember anything”, while declaring “If that’s really what I did, I can never apologize enough“, according to Le Figaro who covered the trial.

Father and grandfather, divorced and suffering from an intestinal tumor, the defendant was not known to the French or English judicial services and had never committed sexual assault before the one on board the Jet2 flight. com. Following the requisition of the public prosecutor, the Nantes criminal court sentenced the sixty-year-old to 10 months suspended prison sentence, with a ban on approaching Leeds airport where his victim still works.

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