New governance for ITA Airways

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The airline company ITA Airways has adapted its governance to the arrival in its capital of the group Lufthansaseparating in particular from CEO Fabio Maria Lazzerini.

Expected consequence of the German group’s acquisition last May of 41% in the Italian national company based at the airport of Rome-Fiumicino, for 325 million euros, and following the general meeting of July 20, 2023, the Board of Directors of ITA Airways “approved the mutual termination of the employment relationship” with the general manager Fabio Maria Lazzerini. “All the operational powers of Lazzerini” were entrusted to Andrea Benassi, current Chief Network, Fleet and Alliances Officer, who will also take over the position of General Manager. Additionally, Chief Technology Officer Francesco Presicce has been appointed Accountable Manager, a position previously held by Lazzerini.

ITA Airways “thanks Frances Vyvyen Ouseley and Ugo Arrigo for their contribution as advisors, and Fabio Maria Lazzerini for his work during the complex start-up phase of the Company and the consolidation future of the current results and the transition to its process of privatizationwhile wishing them the best for their professional future”.

The General Meeting also proceeded to the appointment of the new Board of Directors, which has been reduced from five to three members and is composed as follows: Antonino Turicchi as President, Valeria Vaccaro and Francesco Spada as Councillors. THE College of Statutory Auditors (whose mandate had also expired at the closing of the 2022 accounts) reconfirmed Marina Scandurra as Chairman, Paolo Maria Ciabattoni and Giovanni Naccarato as Statutory Auditors.

The decision to appoint a three-member board of directors is “in accordance with the agreements concluded between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Lufthansa”, underlines the press release from ITA Airways, agreements according to which the German company will enter the shareholding structure and will appoint two members additional ones, one of which will be the CEO.

This evolution of governance for the alliance company SkyTeam marks “another crucial step in the path identified in the business plan of ITA Airways, which has achieved the consolidation of a start-up with full public participation and goes through privatization. This operation, as we know, is subject to the authorization of the general management of the competition concludes ITA.

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