New Caledonia: sharks attack

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In New Caledonia, the town hall of Nouméa has decided to ban swimming on all beaches and to relaunch the campaign to kill sharks. Two consecutive decisions to the fatal attack, which occurred Sunday afternoon, at the beach of the Royal Castle.

A 59-year-old Australian tourist has died

The man was swimming in the sea near a bathing platform about 150 meters from the beach in the capital Noumea, authorities said, when the shark attacked and bit him repeatedly. Two sailors who were nearby brought the man ashore in their boat.

Drones to track sharks near beaches

Mayor Sonia Lagarde has ordered most beaches closed. Drones were then deployed to track the sharks in the area. It is not yet known what species of shark was involved in the attack. However, tiger sharks are among the few species that have attacked humans in the past.

New Caledonia is close to Australia

New Caledonia is located about 1200 kilometers east of Australia in the Pacific. According to a ranking by the Florida Museum of Natural History, New Caledonia ranks 13th among places with the most shark attacks in the world.

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