New American contract for the French supplier of electric thrusters Exotrail

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The French nugget was selected by the Californian company Muon Space to equip the next phase of its climate monitoring constellation. This is Exotrail’s sixth US contract to date.

Serving the climate

Founded in 2021 in Mountain View, near San Francisco, California, the startup Muon Space is developing a constellation of microsatellites intended to collect scientific-quality geophysical and environmental measurements of the atmosphere, ocean and land surface, for monitoring the climate.

A 70 kg demonstrator, MuSat 1was launched last June during the Transporter 8 mission of SpaceX.

It should be followed from 2024 by improved versions, MuSat 2 and 3, which will test microwave and hyperspectral sensors.

Five Spaceware systems ordered

The contract was formalized on August 24: five satellites of the next phase of the Muon Space constellation will be equipped with electric propulsion systems. Spaceware provided by ExotrailNew Space startup Made in France.

For the record, Exotrail was created in 2017 in Massy, ​​Essonne, and develops and produces electric propulsion systems and software for small satellites.

For the Muon Space constellation, its propulsion system Hall effect high-impulse electric Spaceware will perform various functions such as orbit elevation, anomaly phasing, orbit maintenance, collision avoidance and deorbiting of spacecraft at the end of their operational life.

Conquering America

This new export success for Exotrail marks the continuation of the American adventure of Exotrail, which thus won its sixth contract in the United States this year, and which has just set up two subsidiaries there, including one to meet the needs of the American government.

Last spring, we welcomed to the premises ofAirlines and Destinations Jean-Luc Mariaco-founder and current president and CEO of Exotrail, for a filmed interview of around twenty minutes.

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