New airport tax: its repercussion would be 1.50 euros per passenger, according to ADP group

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If the tax on large airports planned in the 2024 draft budget to finance the ecological transition is voted on, “the impact on the plane ticket will be of the order of 1.50 euros per passenger on average“, This morning said Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Group ADP (Paris airports) on France Inter.

And for the manager of Paris airports (Paris-CDG, Paris-Orly and Le Bourget), this cost would be of the order of “120 million euros per year “, ” between 100 and 120 million euros “, he added. How will Groupe ADP react? “ I think we have to wait for Parliament to vote on this tax and then it will be up to me to see to what extent I react “, he replied cautiously.

And if this new airport tax is adopted, it would not be the only cause of increase in plane tickets: in France and in Europe, “ ticket prices will remain high, because we absolutely must reach net zero in 2050, and for that we must buy new planes and have new fuels “.

Already, recalled Augustin de Romanet, “ Air ticket prices have increased a lot after COVVID, probably under the effect of what is called Yield Management, a slightly barbaric word to say that companies adapt the price to the demand “. After the pandemic, “ the supply of planes was reduced since traffic had not yet completely resumed and there is very strong demand “. Airlines took the opportunity to “ have these price increases accepted » and since then, their prices « remained on a slightly higher plateau “.

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