Netherlands: justice validates the reduction of flights at Amsterdam-Schipol

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For the Amsterdam Court of Appealthe Dutch State may reduce the number of flights from and to theAmsterdam Schipho International Airportl to limit the noise and theenvironmental impact.

Five airlines – KLM, Delta Air Lines, Corendon, easyJet and TUI – operating at Amsterdam-Schiphol had challenged the government’s plan to reduce the number of annual flights from 500,000 to 460,000 within the framework of a experimental regulation “. They had won a trial at first instance last April. But this Friday, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal rejected the judgment at first instance in favor of the Dutch government.

The State has rightly recalled the principle of the rule of law according to which it is required to enforce the applicable rules of law “, thus declared the Court of Appeal in a press release, thus annulling the previous decision. In other words, she felt that the state was within its rights, since no policy “ anticipation was only put in place at Schiphol airport during a number of years “.

We are disappointed with the decision and we are studying it. The court does not specify concretely how an experimental regulation can be applied. As a result, it is currently unknown when, how and in what manner the decision will be implemented and what it means for the number of aircraft movements at Schiphol. “, governed KLM to the decision of the Court of Appeal.

KLM will continue to work with other stakeholders to find the best way to reduce the number of people affected by aircraft noise. To that end, we submitted a plan for cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient flight operations on June 15. We are convinced that these measures will allow us to reduce the noise impact and CO2 emissions, while preserving our network. We would very much like to achieve this in cooperation with the government and airport authorities, the Netherlands Air Traffic Control (LVNL) and other stakeholders, as part of the balanced approach required by the EU within the framework noise reduction targets that the department has together “said the Dutch airline.

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