Nathalie continues to make us dream from the Sultanate of Oman…

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We published the first day when Nathalie Bueno, CEO of Secrets de Voyages, shared her group support in Oman. In general, she goes to the end of her desires and her dreams.

Nathalie and the quality of the guide

“Dear readers, when you visit a country you either enter it quietly and full of respect or you break into it.

Oman can only be understood if we show curiosity, if we know how to lend our ears, if we know how to look gently at what surrounds us.

The quality of the guide does a lot, to give meaning to things, to convey what makes up the history of a nation, its habits and customs…we were lucky to be accompanied by Adel, an affable and of great culture. Would we have been able to perceive all the traditions of this country, would we have been able to appreciate life in the oases, the splendor of the mosque, with a second degree of reading, without it? In the end, not being a mere spectator, but coming back enriched by sharing and learning, isn’t that what marks a trip the most?”

A day touched the heart of most of our senses

“Today’s traveler aspires to freedom, to defend the sacrosanct subject of authenticity, but isn’t this missing the point by depriving himself of those who do tourism rigorously, with respect, and with full responsibility. »

Sultan Qaboos Mosque

“But let’s get back to the heart of the subject OMAN…this day touched most of our senses in the heart: sight first, marveling at the elegance of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Beyond the architectural marvel, it can also be seen as an opportunity to reveal to us the relationship we have with the sacred and with religion”.

“Then the sense of smell, all you have to do is meet a woman who leaves in her wake a scent of amber and musk, to walk through the winding and abundant alleys of the sellers of incense so characteristic of the South of Oman and to let yourself be intoxicated by the scents of cardamom coffee or rose water, to understand that Oman will leave an indelible olfactory imprint.”

Up there on the mountain

“This beautiful day will have made us leave Muscat for Nizwa, a city known for its Portuguese forts, its oasis villages and its incredible souk where dates are everywhere on the abundant stalls and gorged with honey. Not going there would be not understanding what is hidden in the bowels of the mountain.

It is then necessary to continue even higher at 2000 meters in altitude in Djebel Al Akhdar, the green mountain, to understand that man and nature are one, villages are clinging to the walls of the canyons. It’s simply beautiful and dizzying at the same time”.

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

We sleep at theAnantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

The resort offers an exotic getaway in the famous and cool green mountains of Oman. The resort is remarkably perched on the edge of a canyon on the Saiq Plateau and offers spectacular views from its private villas.

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