NASA will test Joby’s ADAVe in 2024

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Joby Aviation is currently seeing its ADAVe tested by the US Air Force at Edwards Air Force Base, as part of the AFWERX program’s Agility Prime initiative, which primarily aims to engage new contractors in the Air Force’s programs. American Air Force. In 2024, NASA will in turn test Joby’s aircraft, particularly in terms of air traffic management, flight procedures and ground infrastructure.

Joby’s ADAVe at Edwards AFB

On September 25, Joby Aviation announced the delivery of one of its ADAVe (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft or eVTOL) – as part of a funded contract with its client, the Army’s AFWERX Agility Prime program. the US Air Force. NASA entered into an interagency agreement with AFWERX to use the aircraft for focused testing on how these vehicles might fit into the national airspace.

An interagency agreement

Agility Prime is AFWERX’s program focused on research and testing the military use of these aircraft. Because for the US Air Force, the question is whether these electric aircraft can be used as part of logistical missions, in particular, but not only. Joby’s aircraft was delivered to the famous Edwards Air Force Base, California, where most “historic” flight tests have been carried out since 1947 – and even before – or the passage of the sound barrier. The Emerging Technologies Integrated Test Force of the base’s 412th Test Wing will lead the flight test campaign for Joby and Agility Prime. NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center is also located in Edwards, a prime location for flight research. This is the first of several Joby aircraft that the Air Force is using for testing at various U.S. military bases.

NASA next, in 2024

Starting in 2024, NASA pilots and researchers will test Joby’s aircraft, focusing on air traffic management, flight procedures and ground infrastructure. The research will use NASA pilots and equipment, such as the NASA Mobile Operating Facility, a research laboratory on wheels.

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