Nantes-Atlantique: new call for tenders and better compliance with the curfew, according to Clement Beaume

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Traveling to Nantes yesterday, the Minister responsible for Transport Clément Beaume announced the main directions concerning the future of theNantes-Atlantique airport.

While a new call for tenders will be launched “ before the end of the year » to choose a new concessionaire after the cancellation of a first procedure relating to the operation and modernization of the platform, the minister confirmed that the lengthening of the runway, long mentioned, will no longer be part of the specifications . However, he asked the current concessionaire, in this case Vinci Airports, “to carry out a certain number of emergency works, in particular to comply with certain regulations», to improve the quality of service for users (reception conditions, parking, etc.).

As to curfew from midnight to 6 is today poorly respected, according to Clément Beaume, who promised that it will be applied “ in a stricter and stronger manner “. The fines will be increased: in addition to an increased amount, “ we will be able to sanction breaches in flagrante delicto, with a plane which will not be able to land in Nantes outside of schedules “. However, no traffic cap is envisaged.

At the same time, priority being given to “ protection of populations », the amount of the compensation ceilings for local residents who wish to carry out soundproofing work will be increased by 25%. “ There will also be a moratorium until 2027 on trajectory changes, to avoid too many overflights. » of urban areas, announced Clément Beaume.

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