Nantes airport: missed landings and series of nuisances

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The airport of Nantes Atlantic is accumulating delays this summer, and is causing inconvenience both for passengers airlines and residents of the airport. Acnusa (Airport Nuisance Control Authority) accuses airlines of ” Pull on the rope “.

Ouest-France has echoed these last few days of serial failures at Nantes Atlantique airport, causing noise pollution beyond midnight for residents, but also disturbances for passengers, who are sometimes baffled to an airport other than that of their destination. Thus, on July 31, no less than 9 planes were forced to divert to cities other than Nantes, this media recalled. But other flights still land in Nantes beyond the midnight curfew, to the great despair of local residents and their ears. Thus, in 2022, the year of the post-pandemic rebound, we counted 237 lawsuits initiated by the Civil Aviation Department (DGAC), only about a hundred resulting in fines of 10,000 euros at 40,000 euros. Since January 2023, 126 prosecutions have been initiated.

L’Acnusa through its president Gilles Leblanc, denounces these companies in general low-cost, whose model is to make maximum use of their aircraft. “If there is already a small delay on the first flight, it disrupts the following ones, and it can give more than three hours of delay at the end of the day. »

This problem is all the more exacerbated as the infrastructures are under-equipped in Nantes. Thus, since January 1, we can no longer land on sight if the cloud ceiling is below 800 feet (243m) against 500 feet previously. However, it lacks a high precision guidance system (ILS), which does not allow aircraft to land on one of the runways in high wind and low ceiling conditions. In June, recalls Ouest-France, the president of Pays de la Loire and elected officials, had asked Emmanuel Macron to keep his commitments to renovate the airport, following the decision to abandon the project for a new airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Five years after this decision, “nothing has been started” they wrote, “and the State is still not able to provide a work schedule”.

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