Naar Voyages: long haul à la carte and new products

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Naar Voyages is gradually digging its nest in France. Our friend, Stéphane Michaut, joined the team. Its an asset. Furthermore, the TO will be present on IFTM and intends to tour the agencies in the Province.

Specialized in long-haul

Naar Voyages positions itself on tailor-made long-haul trips

Marco Guaramonti, Stéphane Michaud…

With 3 recruitments in September, Naar Voyages reveals a measured but real ambition in the market of tour operators specializing in long-haul tailor-made services.

USA – Canada – Oceania but also…

Launched in 2019, but largely delayed with the covid crisis, Naar today has 3 major axes: the USA, Canada and Oceania, without forgetting the destinations that combine with these 3 flagship destinations. For example, Polynesia with the American West, Japan with New Caledonia or even Singapore or Bali combining with Australia.

For each new axis launched, specialists were recruited with at least 10 years of expertise in the destination.

A TO that comes to us from Italy

Naar is first of all a successful experience of almost 30 years, on the Italian market (TO is today the 7th TO in Italy and first in the USA…), but it is also the success of a certain industrialization of tailor-made products.

An in-house technology

This may seem contradictory and yet… it is possible. Since 1995 Naar has been able to develop an in-house technological product that responds to all availability and pricing requests in just a few moments, worthy of the largest platforms on the market.

By sprinkling this technology with human know-how by recruiting real specialists for each of the axes sold by the TO.

Technology at the service of people to quickly respond to tailor-made requests. This is the company’s credo. If in addition we add good purchase prices, thanks to its economic power.

Naar is not positioning itself as a new platform, but rather as a specialist tour operator with great technology, which offers the services expected from a TO: advice, travel diary with guide and pouch (see more), assistance ( before, during and after), a sales service to support agencies.

Marco Guaramonti

Marco Guaramonti: the most French of Italians

The opening of Naar France was logical with a Franco-Italian president who knows the French market and its players very well but also a technology that can easily be transposed to another market and another language. By finding the most French of Italians in the person of Marco Guaramonti, Naar France could be launched.

Naar voyages will be at the IFTM 2023 exhibition

IFTM – TopResa

Present at IFTM Top Resa, the sales team recently completed by Anne Marie Villa and Stéphane Michaut awaits you at the TO village stand H076. The team will also be present very soon at various workshops organized by Actif, Normacom, Atora, Impact and Visit Usa.

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