Myriam Tord and JC Franchomme can be proud of the progress made

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Myriam expressed herself in a social network in order to express her joy and her pride at the path traveled with Jean-Charles on the creation and animation of the Official Helpdesk which provides many answers to questions from travel professionals. Admittedly, they filled a void. Congratulations to our two friends!

Myriam Tord

Miriam reminded

“The Ditex show, which is currently taking place in Marseille, reminds us with JC Franchomme of the path traveled since our meeting in 2018.

And I realize to what extent our duo was created, shaped until it became obvious.

I think we were able to exchange, communicate and give way to this power, the one that allowed us to get there.

This power, we all have it and without realizing it we use it on a daily basis!

At every moment, our way of thinking and seeing the events placed on our path, invites us to compose, to choose, to adapt to move forward: To Co-Create!!

And when we leave room for this space, for this power, then the magic can operate and give birth to wonderful ideas!

For me, this power of co-creation is one of the greatest riches we have!”

JC Franchomme
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