MSC World Europa, the most environmentally efficient ship in the world, has arrived in the Mediterranean

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The most innovative MSC Cruises ship to date, MSC World Europe, arrived in Europe for its first summer season in the Mediterranean. Delivered in October 2022 by the French shipbuilder, Chantiers de l’Atlantique, MSC World Europe is the largest ship in the MSC Cruises fleet, as well as the first to LNG. MSC World Europe is to date the most efficient in the world in terms of CO2eq emissions.

You have to board the “MSC World Europa” to take the measure of its gigantism. 333 meters long, 68 meters high, 11 restaurants, 21 bars, 2 performance halls, 2,600 rooms, shopping mall, casino…

“A floating village with the animation of a city”, explains Patrick Pourbaix, the general manager of MSC cruises in France. A big village, however, since this new mastodon can accommodate up to 8,000 people, including the crew.

LNG also plays a key role in the fight to mitigate climate change as it enables a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and paves the way for more widespread use of non-sustainable fuels. fossil fuels such as bio and synthetic LNG.

A unique fuel cell technology with promising results

MSC World Europe is the first cruise ship in the world to incorporate innovative solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology powered by LNG. This ship is equipped with a 150 kilowatt SOFC demonstrator that uses LNG to produce electricity and heat on board, in a highly efficient way through an electrochemical reaction.

This process could be a solution for the future to achieve significant advances in environmental sustainability. Thanks to its increased efficiency, the solid oxide fuel cell has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to a conventional LNG engine, without producing emissions of nitrogen oxides, oxides sulfur or fine particles. One of the great advantages offered by this technology is the compatibility not only with LNG, but also with possible new low carbon fuels such as green methanol, ammonia, liquid hydrogen and bio LNG. or synthetic.

Many other environmental features and technologies

MSC World Europe has the ability to plug into the local shore power grid, reducing emissions at ports of call. This vessel is equipped with an Advanced Waste Water Treatment System (AWTS) that meets the world’s strictest regulatory requirements, including the IMO resolution on the protection of the Baltic Sea. This system treats the waste water produced on board to a level of purity close to that of tap water. This ship is also equipped with a ballast water treatment system to prevent the introduction of invasive species into marine ecosystems through ballast water discharges. This system is fully compliant with the IMO’s “Ballast Water Management” Convention, for the control and management of ballast water and sediment from ships.

Among the crew members, an entire team is dedicated to the strict implementation of waste management protocols, to separate all waste produced on board into 7 distinct categories, such as glass, aluminum and paper. Specific equipment is used to compact this type of waste in the facilities provided for this purpose on board.

Moreover, MSC World Europe is equipped with an underwater radiated noise management system to minimize potential nuisance to marine life, particularly mammals near the vessel. On board, many facilities save the energy consumed to reduce demand and optimize the use of engines, thus reducing emissions. This ship is also equipped with advanced automatic data collection systems to enable remote diagnostics to be carried out by specialized teams on land who can then make recommendations to optimize operational efficiency.

The new generation cruise

During this first summer season in the Mediterranean, passengers on board the MSC World Europe will be able to live a unique experience. Ground-breaking features and innovative spaces on this ship include the spectacular World Promenade, savory dining experiences, exceptional entertainment options, and the largest children’s area in the MSC Cruises fleet.

Main characteristics of the MSC World Europe :

    At 104 meters long, the World Promenade is one of the most impressive spaces on the ship. Day or night, it’s the go-to spot for all kinds of fun, breathtaking sea views and The Venom Drop @ The Spiral: an architectural masterpiece and the longest dry slide in sea ​​with its dizzying height of 11 bridges. The World Promenade is extended by the World Galleria which stretches over 2,214m2 under a kinetic LED dome broadcasting captivating animations at all hours. The World Promenade is the perfect place to shop, eat out or relax with a drink.
    The guests on board MSC World Europe embark on a gastronomic journey around the flavors of the world, with a choice of 20 bars & lounges, as well as 13 restaurants, each offering a distinctive concept. This list includes 6 specialty restaurants and 7 new concepts of bars and cafes.

    The Chef’s Garden Kitchen restaurant is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between MSC Cruises and Niklas Ekstedt, Michelin-starred chef, TV personality and author. The concept is based on natural ingredients and the “farm to plate” principle. This new restaurant is distinguished by its hydroponic garden, the first at sea, which will invite you to live an immersive experience between micro-greens, open kitchens and a panoramic view of the sea.

    The first microbrewery at sea in partnership with Teo Musso, Master Brewer and founder of the Italian agricultural craft brewery Birra Baladin.
    Guests of all ages can enjoy entertainment day and night, including 3 new show concepts taking place in the multi-purpose Luna Park Arena, 5 new theater shows featured in the World Theatre, 4 themed experiences in the Panorama Lounge and surprise shows in various public areas of the ship.
    The area dedicated to children on board the MSC World Europe is the largest of the entire fleet, numbering over 766m2 playrooms adapted to different age groups, from 0 to 17 years old, developed in partnership with LEGO® and Chicco®. The entertainment offered to children and teenagers is more varied than ever with new original games and talent competitions in 5 hi-tech rooms.
    With 7 swimming pools and 13 whirlpools located in different areas of the ship, each guest on board can find their little corner of paradise, quiet to rest or full of activities to have fun.
    MSC World Europe offers the most luxurious MSC Yacht Club in the fleet, with an unparalleled level of comfort, even larger private spaces both indoors and outdoors and new elegant suites. The enriched common areas of this “ship within a ship” with private access include a solarium reinvented for the first time on 2 decks and 2 new ultra-spacious presidential suites.
    MSC World Europe is as innovative on the outside as it is on the inside, with all-new cabin designs and the largest number of balcony cabins in the MSC Cruises fleet. From luxurious suites with private MSC Yacht Club facilities, to new cabins overlooking the outer promenade and Infinite Sea View cabins with a bay window that opens as a glass balustrade, there is plenty to choose from to suit all needs.

    MSC World Europe welcomes its first passengers for its summer season in the Mediterranean, offering a cruise experience of the future on 7-night itineraries with stops in Genoa, Naples and Messina in Italy, Valletta in Malta, Barcelona in Spain and Marseille in France.

MSC World Europa – environmental features and technologies:

Key figures ​

  • Gross tonnage – 215,863 tons
  • Length – 333.3 meters
  • Width – 47 meters
  • Height – 68 meters
  • Passenger cabins – 2,626
  • Maximum capacity – 6,762 passengers

Engines and fuels

  • 5 Wärtsilä 14V 46DF mixed engines that can run on LNG or marine gas oil with 0.1% sulfur
  • A 150 kW solid oxide fuel cell test

Air emissions

  • A selective catalytic reduction system that removes up to 90% of nitrogen oxide emissions when the vessel is powered by marine diesel (LNG offers a similar level of reduction); MSC World Europe is capable of meeting IMO Tier III standards regardless of the fuel used
  • The ability to draw electricity from shore, allowing the vessel to completely shut down engines in ports with the necessary infrastructure


  • An advanced wastewater treatment system in compliance with IMO Resolution MEPC 227(64) (Annex IV of MARPOL on Protected Areas)
  • An advanced UV light ballast water treatment system to prevent the introduction of invasive species into the marine environment with ballast water discharges, in compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention of the IMO

An underwater radiated noise management system with a hull and engine room design optimized to minimize the acoustic impact, thus reducing the possible adverse effects on marine fauna and more particularly on marine mammals present in the waters near the vessel.

Energetic efficiency : All new MSC Cruises ships include extensive equipment to reduce and optimize onboard energy requirements. These technologies include, among others, an intelligent ventilation system and advanced air-conditioning systems with automated energy recovery loops that redistribute heat and cold optimally to reduce demand. The ships are equipped with LED lighting controlled by intelligent management systems to further increase energy savings on board. In partnership with shipyards, MSC World Europa has been designed with an innovative hull shape to minimize hydraulic resistance. It will also be equipped with automatic data collection systems allowing in-depth remote management and analysis so that dedicated teams ashore can improve operational efficiency on board.

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