MSC Cruises breaks its records in 2023 and launches Explora Journey

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Both Patrick Pourbaix and Gianluca Martini were happy to announce that in 2023 the team would have reached a record in terms of passengers. It must be recognized that the group’s fleet is imposing and that the main competitor has had to reduce its ambitions. Despite the constant progress of the group, Patrick Pourbaix, who was appointed vice-president of EDV, remains very attentive to his interlocutors. We appreciate the man and the professional!

Patrick Pourbaix

MSC Cruises becomes a key player

Even though the MSC Cruises team is efficient, they are very lucky. The group is diversified in several areas of transport including freight. This is what made it possible to get through the covid crisis without too much difficulty. His main competitor was not so lucky and had to reduce the sail. Patrick Pourbaix indicates “Our main competitor only operates 8 boats… while we operate 22 vessels!”

MSC Euribia

MSC Cruises expected to reach 300,000 customers in 2023

Indeed, after a good winter season, the summer will have been excellent. MSC Cruises France had set itself an internal objective of 300,000 customers. Always cautious, Patrick Pourbaix indicates that he is not sure he will succeed but he seems confident. However, the French market is far from being the first for MSC. The largest markets are the United States, China (2024), Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain. The French market would be 50,000 passengers. There is still work to do to get the French market into the top 5.

The new MSC ships

The MSC Cruises cruise range includes two new ships in 2022: MSC Seascape and MSC World Europa. MSC Euribia In total, the group offers a choice of 21 ships sailing to more than 190 global destinations in 85 countries. Patrick Pourbaix points out that cruises around the world have attracted many French customers.

MSC activities

Vacation clubs compete with cruises

More than one tour operator has told us that the usual club formula is in competition with cruises, including those of MSC. There are countless activities on board large ships. Families have understood this well because there are many of them, especially during school holidays. There are fun new experiences available 24 hours a day aboard an MSC Cruises ship. From enriching indoor and outdoor activities during the day to magical entertainment at night. With cinemas, tournaments, competitions, outdoor activities for the whole family added to the evening entertainment offerings, customers find it difficult to choose. Each ship has a special attraction. But some passengers ask for more attention and there, MSC has created MSC Yacht Club

MSC Yacht Club

What is the MSC Yacht Club?

If the calm, luxury and services of large hotels seem unattainable to you on a cruise, it is time for you to discover the MSC Yacht Club!

The MSC Yacht Club is a private space within certain ships in the MSC Cruises fleet. This area is demarcated and reserved for customers sailing on MSC Preziosa, Divina, Splendida, Fantasia and Meraviglia. Thanks to the MSC Yacht Club, you will stay in luxurious suites, eat in exclusive restaurants, refuel in upscale bars and find exclusive service at the MSC Yacht.

MSC Yacht Club

The MSC Yacht Club is aimed at any traveler wishing to spend a cruise in real intimacy and sumptuousness. Many privileges and exclusivities are available to customers residing in this private cocoon.

Explora Journeys I

Explora Journeys: incomparable luxury

Patrick Pourbaix could not end his press conference without mentioning Explora Journey. The 922-passenger Explora I cannot be compared to the 5,000-passenger ships in the MSC range.

The brand’s pillars are privacy, choice, design and space.

A market that caters to a certain clientele

A McKinsey study shows that luxury cruises have a market of 800,000 customers valued at $6.7 billion. The demand is there. Moreover, for training, Explora Journeys has partnered with the leading hotel management university, the École Hôtelière de Lausanne. The company is also recruiting staff and executives in the luxury hotel industry. “If you want to do something different, you can’t just hire the same people,” explained Explora Journeys boss Michael Ungerer.

Explora I and soon Explora Journeys II

There are 461 cabins consisting only of suites of at least 30 m².

On each of the first two ships there will be 18 food and beverage outlets, 12 bars and lounges with seven different concert halls, three swimming pools. There is also an outdoor gym. There are “no big restaurants” and the venues are intimate with plenty of comfortable spaces.

A restaurant with star chefs

The menu of the Anthology gourmet restaurant, which carries an additional cost of around €200 per person, was created by three-star Michelin chef Mauro Uliassi. Regularly, an assistant from a great starred chef will be present to prepare gastronomic specialties.

Explora I will visit 82 different ports in 26 counties, starting with Barcelona before traveling through the Mediterranean, visiting Israel and Egypt, passing through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, India and then the along the coast of East Africa.

A new clientele to expand the luxury cruise market.

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