MRO: rifified in the spare part for CFM56 engines

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CFM International files a complaint against the company AOG Technics after identifying that 68 CFM56 engines are equipped with parts whose commissioning authorization certificates have been falsified.

CFM International files complaint against AOG Technics

Following an internal and customer investigation, CFM International, a joint subsidiary of GE Aerospace and Safran Aircraft Engines, filed a complaint against the British company AOG Technics for having “falsified numerous commissioning authorization certificates of parts” of CFM56 engines which equip a large number of medium-haul aircraft of the Airbus A320ceo and Boeing 737NG families. “In each case, the organization identified as the manufacturer confirmed that it had not produced the certificate and that it was not the author of the part,” said the European Safety Agency. air transport (AESA or EASA in English) at the beginning of August.

68 CFM56 engines identified

The engine manufacturer managed to identify 68 CFM56s equipped with falsely certified components after uncovering “72 falsified airworthiness certification documents covering 50 part references supplied by AOG Technics for the CFM56”. For their part, the British civil aviation authorities indicated, on August 4, that they were investigating “a large number of suspicious unapproved parts” supplied by AOG Technics and certain components “bearing false airworthiness certificates had been found on engines fitted to aircraft registered in the United Kingdom”.

AOG Technics, Sunwave Solutions, Kensho Group Ltd

On the very official website for companies registered in the United Kingdom, AOG Technics has a “director”, José Alejandro Zamora Yrala, a British citizen. The surname is also worn in Venezuela. Until January 24, 2023, the director of AOG Technics (since February 17, 2015) was also director of Sunwave Solutions Ltd (since May 10, 2021) and Kensho Group Ltd (since January 29, 2021). The latter company was dissolved on January 24, 2023. Sunwave Solutions has, again according to the British company register, a commercial director, of Colombian nationality.

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