Mother sues American Airlines for ‘losing’ her children on layover flight

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Woman sues American Airlines indicating that the Dallas-based airline has ” lost “ her children aged 10 and 12. When American Airlines canceled their connecting flight, the airline accommodated them “in a cold room, similar to a prison cell, at night, without food, water, blankets or pillows.”

The unaccompanied minors were traveling from Missouri to Syracuse, New York, with stopover in Charlotte last July. When the children found themselves stranded Charlotte, American called the person responsible for picking them up at their destination. The family received conflicting information about which flight they would be on the next day, but were promised they would be given a “nice room for unaccompanied minors, where there would be beds and their own bathroom”. As required by the airline, the mother had purchased the services of a unaccompanied minor accompanying to help young people aged 10 and 12 during the trip, to $150. According to the American Airlines website, the service includes early boarding, a children’s lounge and airport escorts until the authorized adult picks them up.

However, the reality was quite different according to her. One of the sons said according to the complaint that they “had not eaten or drunk anything since the day before, not even a pretzel or snacks usually distributed by the airline”. (A kind) airport employee, according to the lawsuit, ended up giving food and drinks to the children. The lawsuit alleges that the children were placed in a “lost children’s room” apparently “icy” at the airport which was “like a prison cell” and spent the night on a couch with the lights on before boarding the flight the next day, to Syracuse.

The airline reimbursed the accompanied minor fees that the mother had paid. However, the latter carries complaint For imprudence and non-compliance with procedures of the airline.

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