Morocco aims to welcome more than 17 million tourists by 2026

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Morocco hopes to welcome 17.5 million tourists by 2026. An ambitious objective that the Executive and the operators intend to achieve thanks to a new roadmap which is based on a restructuring of the offer, the diversification of entertainment products and upgrading of hotel facilities.

Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy.

The Minister of Tourism asks tourism stakeholders to be more daring

“The time has come to emerge from our torpor and show more ambition and audacity if we wanted to play in the big leagues. Today, our vision is clear: we want to double the number of tourist arrivals and thus position Morocco among the greatest destinations in the world.”

An attainable goal?

As a reminder, the Kingdom attracted around 11 million tourists in 2022, representing a recovery rate of 84% of arrivals in 2019. The sector also recovered 116% of foreign currency travel receipts compared to 2019.

Tourism is a key sector for Morocco

With a budget of nearly 546.2 million euros, spread over 4 years, this strategic roadmap aims to attract 17.5 million tourists in 2026 and create 200,000 new direct and indirect jobs in horizon 2026. It is a question of repositioning tourism as a key sector in the national economy. As a reminder, tourism represents 7% of GDP and acts as a locomotive for other activities, so that this increases its contribution to 12% of GDP.

Air transport should be there

Morocco intends to accelerate the pace, by highlighting its new flagship tourist destinations. The projected target for the year 2023, in terms of capacity, is 8.2 million seats. “To this end, several agreements and partnerships have recently been signed between the ONMT and several airlines. This is how 35 new lines, serving eight Moroccan destinations, will be activated during the 2023 summer season, in partnership with ten companies.

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