More than 3,000 Airbus suppliers have had their data leaked

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Supplier data from Airbus were accessed after a hacker infiltrated an account belonging to Turkish Airlines.

A malicious actor and suspected operator of ransomwareknown under the pseudonym USDoD, leaked data from more than 3,000 suppliers to aviation giant Airbus after allegedly breaching the systems using a hacked customer account belonging to Turkish Airlines.

Hudson Rock was able to confirm USDoD’s claims that they accessed Airbus through Turkish Airlines. The manufacturer confirmed that the ransomware accessed suppliers’ business data. Airbus said it ensured that teams from security take “immediate corrective and follow-up measures” to avoid further damage. “Airbus takes cybersecurity seriously and continuously monitors the activity of its IT systems, has robust protection tools, qualified cybersecurity experts and associated processes to protect the business, taking immediate and appropriate action when This is necessary,” the European aircraft manufacturer said in a note.

According to Hudson Rock, who first identified the emerging incident, USDoD had already gained some notoriety when it took to the underground forum Breached in late 2022 to offer a set of data allegedly stolen from the InfraGard system of the FBI.

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