Montreal: how about a summer city trip with Air Transat?

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Welcoming and effervescent, Montreal is a living and constantly changing city. It is full of surprises around every corner, from Old Montreall on the banks of the great Saint-Laurent in the plateau Mont Royal passing through the Quartier des Spectacles or Parc Mont Royal.

But one of Montreal’s great specificities is its vast network of 33 km of passages and galleries which has been woven for several decades under the city. Connecting the metro, hotels, shops, museums, universities and skyscrapers, this system, called RÉSO, is a destination in itself. In Montreal, art is everywhere, even on the walls.

On the surface, no less than 264 murals brighten the streets, scattered throughout the city. Authorized or illegal, they demonstrate the desire of Montreal and its inhabitants to combine avant-garde modernity and the charms of the Old World. Two festivals, including one of international renown, annually crown this art.

Montreal is increasingly renowned for its tables offering the most diverse experiences. Just imagine: in January 2021, we counted all over the city 5,363 catering establishments (including 4,340 full-service restaurants).

While New York has one restaurant for every 386 inhabitants, in Montreal the ratio is one restaurant for every 279 inhabitants. That is the highest density in Canada. More than a hundred of these addresses are restaurants and cafes vegetarians or vegans.

And the choice is vast because who says Montreal gastronomy says unique experiences. When you’re seated at one of the city’s many fine restaurants, look no further than the menu to soak up the city’s atmosphere.

From the 5-star restaurant to the counter of a neighborhood snack bar, from the hot bagel to the foie gras poutine, the flavors of Montreal allow themselves to be influenced by the whole world, while displaying a strong personality.

You’ll never be bored in Montreal: here, we party 365 days a year, whether it’s hot or freezing cold. An incredible number of festivals punctuate life throughout the year. Among the most famous, theIgloofestthe coldest music festival in the world, has been warming up the city and the Old Port of Montreal for 15 years already.

Let’s also point out the comedy festival Just for LaughsTHE Franks, Jazz Montreal, Montreal at the Table or Montreal Pride, the largest gathering of its kind in the Francophonie which, for 7 days, brings together diverse communities. Another major event: the F1 Grand Prix or Montreal in Light. The latter aims to get people out of their homes during the winter. In the performance hall, in the restaurant and of course outside, this festival puts on a show to discover the best of Montreal during the colder months.

And finally summer Montreal Completely Circus offers a program of shows scattered throughout the city. Streets, parks, sidewalks become the scene of colorful performances. Quebec and the circus is a great love story: the Belle Province is also the homeland of Cirque du Soleil. Take advantage of your stay to treat yourself to a session in the most breathtaking circus on the planet!

Air Transat flight schedule for the 2023 summer season departing from Paris and Brussels:
• Paris – Montreal : 14 flights/week (every day) annual route
• Paris – Toronto : 7 flights/week (every day) seasonal route
• Paris – Quebec : 3 flights/week (2.4.6) annual route

• Brussels – Montreal : 3 flights/week (1.3.5) seasonal route

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