Montenegro: a concentration camp converted into a luxury hotel

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Is it a good idea ? During the Second World War, more precisely from May 30, 1942, the fascist forces of the then Kingdom of Italy of Benito Mussolini transformed the fort on the island of Mamula, in Montenegro, into a concentration camp. This camp was known for torture and cruelty to prisoners.

Redevelopment into a luxury resort by Samih Sawiris whose family remains the owner of FTI

In early January 2016, the government of Montenegro, over the objections of those who were once imprisoned on the island, approved a plan to convert the site of this former concentration camp into a luxury resort by the Swiss company Orascom Development Holding. AG. Former United Nations Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali had previously written to the Montenegrin Parliament expressing his surprise that the “only solution to preserve and use the fort is a simple commercial arrangement and privatization agreement”.

Would you sleep in a former concentration camp?

The building was once an Italian Fascist prison where more than 100 people were allegedly tortured to death. However, the project met with a lot of criticism. The people are ashamed. One user even wrote, “It was a concentration camp during World War II and my grandmother was imprisoned there. It should be a museum, not a hotel or a casino”

Many users criticize that the history of the building has not been adequately treated.

Mamoula Island was a fortress a long time ago

The Habsburgs had built the island as a fortress in the 19th century before it was later used as a prison by the fascists. The hotel’s website refers to its history as a fortress. The fact that the island was also used as a prison is not mentioned.

The hotel announces that it will regularly organize open days and a memorial accessible 365 days a year, “so that history is not forgotten”.

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