Michelin will equip the Lilium Jet

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Michelin and Lilium have signed an agreement for the design and mass production of tires for Lilium’s electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (ADAVe). The first tires should be delivered to Lilium workshops this month. Michelin offers an innovative tire solution, specially adapted to the needs of Lilium ADAVe.

Michelin will equip the ADAVe with Lilium

Lilium and Michelin announce a collaboration aimed at developing and producing tires which will equip the Lilium Jet. For more than a year, the two companies have been working together to develop these tailor-made tires. They have now concluded an agreement covering the design, mass production and technical support of these innovative products. This alliance, which draws on Michelin’s century-old experience in the aeronautics sector, has enabled the development of an innovative solution, adapted to the safety, weight and reliability constraints imposed by the all-new Lilium Jet. The first tires should be delivered to Lilium workshops this month.

A mass-efficiency compromise in line with on-board load objectives

This announcement illustrates Lilium’s strategy, which favors partnerships with the best suppliers in the aeronautics sector, in order to accelerate its certification process. It echoes recent announcements concerning progress related to the assembly of the Lilium Jet in the coming months. Weight and performance being key factors for eVTOLs, Lilium must maximize the efficiency of each gram loaded into its aircraft. According to the equipment manufacturer, the tires designed by Michelin offer the best efficiency in their category with regard to the weight-performance compromise, in line with the on-board load objectives that Lilium has set itself. These tires have been specially designed to ensure smooth and safe vertical takeoffs and landings, while guaranteeing high performance with very strict weight constraints. The know-how developed as part of the collaboration between Michelin and Lilium will make it possible to define new standards in the design and integration of tires intended for aeronautics and in particular ADAVe.

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